Greg Mohr


We’ve helped thousands of people get off to a great start in business. You could be next!

In my early days as a restaurant manager, I became a turnaround specialist for distressed restaurants because I saw the main problem quickly:  how the employees were being treated.  Treat the employees bad, they treat customers bad and soon customers do not come back.  The solution was also simple and easy to me: just listen to the employees, find out the issues and treat them with respect.

I do the same with the franchise candidates I work with.  I listen, figure out what the issues are and help solve problems.  And yes, I will tell you that a franchise is not right for you if that is what we discover together. Great franchisors are looking to award you the opportunity to purchase their franchise; they are not looking to just sell you something, and neither am I.

I am a fan of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series and have always wanted to own my own business.  In addition to a degree in engineering I also obtained my MBA, which ignited my desire to pursue business ownership.  After 15 years as an engineer, it was time for me to take the leap. I started working with two franchise consultants, and made it clear that a major criterion for a franchise was to be able to work from home.  I followed the recommendation of one of the consultants and decided on a business to business sales & service franchise that required me to travel every day and sell. Now, I’ve been an engineer for 15 years, and like most engineers, I think I can do anything, including sales. I can now humbly say a salesman I am not! And, I was traveling every day – the one thing I didn’t want to do. What I learned through this experience is that I like investigating the business opportunities and helping other prospective franchise owners avoid going through what I went through.

I help people find the franchise that is right for them. With my experience in purchasing and running a franchise I can help you find a franchise that works for you. I have also worked in the restaurant business for 17 years, owned rental property and operated a dry cleaning drop off location combined with self-storage units.  There are no fees for my franchise consulting service, I am paid a referral fee by the franchisors I represent if you decide to purchase a franchise I introduce you to.

Here are some of examples of the success we have achieved, and we can do the same for you:

  • Partnered with a trusted franchise attorney who negotiated and saved a candidate $15,000 off the franchise fee for multiple territories and placed the candidate in his ideal franchise.
  • Consulted with an IT professional to discover that an auto repair franchise was an ideal fit with his personal and business goals, and IT was not his dream business despite his IT background.
  • Surprised a candidate with a franchise she would not have considered but found it satisfied all her intrinsic motivators: giving back to the community, child-oriented, in the fitness industry. She was able to utilize all her existing skills and it met her personal and business goals.
  • Placed a VP in the Las Vegas gaming industry in a tutoring and nannie franchise upon learning she had a deep desire to help children. She purchased the rights to the entire Las Vegas valley.
  • Diligently consulted with a candidate for 8 months to help him discover franchise ownership is not suited to him and his goals. He was grateful that our work helped him realize that buying a franchise would be a mistake and he really did enjoy his job and could continue with it until he retires.

Call me today at 361-772-6401 if you’d like the expert guidance of an experienced franchise consultant who will listen to you and help you select the right franchise for the right reasons.